Daniel Williams

Full-stack developer who loves to build products that bring joy. 🎉


My current project, it's my most ambitious one yet.

Hack the North

I’ve spent a ton of my free time this year building stuff for Canada’s biggest hackathon.


I built this website for Waterloo Aerial Robotics Group.

Waterloo Friend Finder

This is the first project I launched publicly, I gained 75 users overnight!


This is an Electron application that I built to practice microinteraction design.

Hack with Friends

This was the third project that I launched to users, it was a social network for creators.

Find your ASMR

This was the second project that I launched to users, it was a search engine for ASMR videos.

Lecture Chat

I built this project in one night, it let Waterloo students join a real-time chatroom based on what lecture they were in.